My Journey to Blogging

There are so many of us in the world who are stressed to the max by our everyday jobs.  Working 8-5 then coming home to deal with home life is tough on anyone.  I wanted more out of life, less stress and the ability to go where and when I wanted.


My children are all grown and as a single mother I struggled every day to make ends meet.  If I had only known then what I know now things could have been much different for my children.   I will be a grandma soon and I DO NOT want my grandchild to go without because life is not fair.  Both her parents work so I want to be able to help ease some of the stress on them.


So I decided to dig into finding out more about blogging and what all it would take to begin to make money so I could eventually quit my everyday job and live my life simple.


I read so many other bloggers ideas on “How to” and “What not to” I was so confused.  So I decided to just take both feet and jump right in.


So begins my journey at blogging from home to earn enough money to be able to travel with my sweet parents while I still can,  and take care of my grandchildren so their parents will not have to pay the ridiculous child care costs.


I have found that many women are like me, they want to stay home with their family while earning enough money to live a comfortable life.  In order to do this I am going to try to put together the best information that I can to help others earn so they can live life to the fullest.


My first thought was “Oh NO… What have I gotten into.”  But then I realized that it isn’t as hard as it seems.  I am passionate about helping others make money from home, which helps a lot, plus I love to talk.  And writing is just talking on paper.  SO I thought to myself I got this… NO Problem!


So in the next few post I will walk you through the steps I have taken on my journey to making money.  Hopefully soon I will have enough coming in to resign my full time job and concentrate on working from home.


Have a great week!