Gifts for Dad

Get Dad a gift He will love

By: Kim Dean  /  May 22, 2018

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So Many times we go shopping for Fathers Day not having a clue what Dad would want us to get him. Then if we even have a notion to ask he says ” You don’t have to get me anything”…. Yeah Right… If we didn’t not only would we feel horrible but what would he think of us?  Do they not love me enough to get me something after all those years I had to deal with them?

So I have tried to compile a list of the things I think Dad’s would love. NO it does not include that awesome looking tie I saw in the Department store.

  1.  Flashlights – Dad’s always need flashlights.  Whether it be for his car or truck, the garage or around the house.  They are always useful and very inexpensive.  Here is a great deal I found on a Maglight.  I bought one for my Dad several years ago and it is still working.
  2. Echo Dot Speaker – Who’s dad wouldn’t love to hear Alexa do what he asks the first time.  Unlike most of his children who have to be asked several times to accomplish one simple task, Alexa does it fairly quickly for good ole Dad.  I found a great deal on Amazon for the Echo. 
  3. Portable Hammock –  Relaxing in the hammock after a long days work would sound so wonderful.  In fact it really is.  I bought one of these for myself and I absolutely love it. The MallowMe  Hammock is very lightweight but is weighted to hold up to 1000lbs.  So no worries about the kids wanting to join Dad while he is relaxing or even the wife on a late night date.
  4. BBQ tool set – What dad doesn’t like to BBQ during the summer?  If he is anything like my husband he even grills in the winter.  I found a great BBQ tool Set I think Dad’s would love,  it contains all the necessary tools plus a carrying case to keep all of it together.
  5. Folding Camp Stool – For the Dad who is into the Great Outdoors no matter if it is fishing, hunting, watching their child play sports or sitting on the beach, this Zology Camp chair is the best.  It has a insulated cooler for drinks, pockets for gear or snacks and is portable for carrying to remote locations.

So I hope that I have helped you find some different things that Dad would love at a great deal for this Fathers Day’s which is June 17.  I am sure Dad will love what ever you get him no matter what it may be.

Have a great week!

Simply Sweet Living

Trying to Succeed

There are so many distractions that come in everyday life that seem to cause me to delay what I really want in life.  So I have decided to just jump in the fire and go get what I want.  Which is living simple with no strings attached.  To find my happiness I knew I needed have the ability to work from where ever I choose.  Whether it be at home, on a beach or beside the river in the mountains.  To accomplish this I had to get this blog going.  So here it goes…


First thing that needed done was I had no clue where to begin so I  set out on Pinterest to find the perfect solution for me.  I stumbled upon a free online course by Elise//House of Brazen. I enjoyed it so much I took the online course How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours.  It is very affordable and I learned quite a bit. If you are wanting to make money at blogging I recommend this course.


I wanted a simple name for my blog. Something that reflects me as a person. So I chose, which describes how I am perfectly. I love the simple life. If I could live back in the days of “Andy Griffith” or “The Beverly Hillbillies” I would be in total bliss! Church Picnics, Front porch rockers, family and friends is what I love doing the most.


As I begin my journey into blogging the first thing I needed to do was find a hosting site. I didn’t want to use a free site since I wouldn’t actually own my website. I wanted something that would allow me to keep my blog name.


So I chose to use Siteground in the beginning which I found to be a little difficult to navigate. So I turned to the wonderful staff they have and all the YouTube tutorials. I like the fact that it offers a monthly trial so there isn’t a huge commitment while you see if this particular website is good for you. Visit the website through this link to receive a discount.


I am far from being techno savvy so I need all the help and user friendly sites I can find.


There is also Bluehost it is inexpensive as well, you can find good deals on hosting if you pay for several years in advance. Of course doing this keeps you committed to sticking to your blog until it takes off. You can get a discounted price through my link here.


There are several YouTube tutorial videos on both of these sites that I recommend you watch before choosing which one to go with. I wish I had took the extra time to see how they actually worked before I purchased. It would have saved me much time and frustration in the long run.


Just remember while you are growing don’t get overwhelmed. You can always edit or add to your blog as you go. It takes a little time to get to where you can be financially in a good place so don’t worry just stick with it. I am trying to. As bloggers if we stick together we all can succeed.