Struggling…. trying to make it.


Well the past few months have been an absolute nightmare on the home front.  I keep praying things will get better… they do… then the train crashes again.  But I keep my head held up high knowing that God is in control and everything is going to be just fine.  After all he never promised that life would be easy, just that He would be there to carry me through the rough times.

I want to apologize for not being on and taking care of this website but I just felt that I needed to disconnect in order to gain composure and get a grip on what life has thrown on my plate. But I am back and going to go full force in making this work for me and my family.

My next post will contain things that I am working on to get back in the grove of things.  Please be patient as I try to embark on this journey.






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Just a simple woman who enjoys helping others save money and become organized.

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